Invitation for Network Computer and System Engineer with Competent English

I submitted an EOI with 80 points for Computer Network and Software Engineer in WA, but my English is competent. Is is possible to receive an invitation for this profession with competent English?

Are you onshore or offshore?

Onshore. I’m living in WA.

It would be suggested to increase your points by getting a proficient score in English. More the points, better the options.


Hey Pooja. .

I wanted to check what’s the latest news for offshore applicants? nothing much coming on google searches. .

I see aus borders are open now, so can we expect offshore PR process to start now?


Yes, the borders are open now and will be for more people and eligible visa holders from 1st DEC. Most probably, they will start inviting offshore applications for 189/190 by early next year if the trend of border opening continues. As some states are still reluctant to open and having quarantine in place for overseas travelers so those states might be the last ones to start inviting offshore people for their 190 visas.
Rest is just speculation. We will have to wait and watch.

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