Invite for 190 Victoria and NSW For Registered Nurses nec

I am a Registered nurse from india. Still working in india.
i have applied EOI under Registeted Nurse Nec for 190 Victoria and NSW on 20 Jan 2019 with 65+5 (5 of state nomination)
Total =65
S.nomination-5 =70
What are the chances and How much is expected time for invitation to be received…

Unfortunately, states do not share the data about their invites. Hence, i can’t really estimate as to when you can get an invite.

The state invite is based on how much demand they have for your job code in their state.

HI @Nikkisharma

Have you already got a state pre-invite or not?

If not, then special conditions will apply to your EOI.

Hi @Nikkisharma

If you are eligible for 190, then you can apply the PR.

489 is what makes you wait for 2 years.