Invite for 190 Victoria and NSW For Registered Nurses nec

I am a Registered nurse from india. Still working in india.
i have applied EOI under Registeted Nurse Nec for 190 Victoria and NSW on 20 Jan 2019 with 65+5 (5 of state nomination)
Total =65
S.nomination-5 =70
What are the chances and How much is expected time for invitation to be received…

Unfortunately, states do not share the data about their invites. Hence, i can’t really estimate as to when you can get an invite.

The state invite is based on how much demand they have for your job code in their state.

Hello sir

I have applied South Australia state nomination 190 on 8 july 2019 under Registered nurse nec 254499( 65+5 points)and from 30 july 2019 onwards it came under special conditions…

My question is ,will my state nomination application remain under process as applied before 30 july ??
Or special conditions applicable to my application
or 'special conditions apply"are for those applicants only who apply after 30 july…

HI @Nikkisharma

Have you already got a state pre-invite or not?

If not, then special conditions will apply to your EOI.

Thanks a lot Sir for reply.
actually no pre invite yet.

If now i go on work visa sponsored by hospital,can i apply PR while on work visa after 16 November 2019??
One of my friend says that if i will be on work visa i cant apply PR 190 ,489.i will have to wait for 2 yrs on work visa.

Hi @Nikkisharma

If you are eligible for 190, then you can apply the PR.

489 is what makes you wait for 2 years.