Is ACS membership renewal required?

Hi Anil,
I submitted my “Australia skilled immigration Subclass 190” last year in September.
I have 75 points in the Skill select portal but
till today the status showcases as SUBMITTED.
Today I received an email from ACS about my ACS membership expiring by end of this month.
Please guide in case I need to renew my membership and how long does it usually take for an application to be picked up.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohanish Bansal

Hi @ommohanish

There is no need to renew the ACS membership unless you want it.

The membership is given free for 1 year when you apply for ACS assessment.
Most people do not opt for membership renewal as it does not affect your ACS report.

I do not have estimate for 190 invite as states do not share their invitation data.

Hi Anil,

My ACS membership has expired and they have asked me to renew it. My ECA has been completed, is it mandatory to renew it ?

What are the chances and timelines for ANZSCO code 211213 with 70 points ?