Is Amendment needed for moving to Client location after H1B approval with internal project?


In Apr 2019, I initiated 2 H1B transfer before expiry of my then current petition.

  1. Indian MNC, got rfe and then approval. I joined them in 15 days since they filed in premium. currently working with them.
  2. Small staffing/Consultancy firm. They filed for internal project. they also got rfe and then approval. i haven’t joined them yet.

Now this Staffing firm (option 2) has a very good project(at client location) for me within 50 miles of their office for internal position within same MSA. They want me to join it by filing new LCA.

Do they need to file amendment as it will be a movement from internal project vacancy to client location ? This is really important for me to find out. I want to go to that Location (have been trying hard for that location). But don’t want to go through that painful cycle anticipating/waiting approval on amendment. In that case I will drop this opportunity.

Hi @coolzankit

H1B amendment is required for your case.

Is it a material change even if the MSA (metropolitan area) is same ?

What do you think? You know if your job description and job details are changing or not.

Is the internal project and client project exactly same?

Isn’t the end client information changing?

If you are convinced that you don’t need an amendment, it is your choice. I gave my answer based on the limited information you have shared.