Is Australian PCC required if lived in Australia before?

Hi All,

I’m planning to initiate the process for Australian PR and have some queries regarding the same:

  1. Currently, I’m living in India. I had lived in Australia from Dec 2014 - Oct 2016. Will I need
    PCC from Australian authorities for PR?

  2. Can I apply for both 189 and 190 visa at the same time?

  3. Can I apply for state sponsorship(190 visa) from multiple states at the same time?

  4. I have been working in same company since last 9 years. I have worked on assignments in
    India, Australia and Norway locations. I’m going to submit salary slips and form16 as
    payment evidences.
    a. I don’t have form16 for 2 FYs. Is it fine if I submit salary certificates for those 2 years and
    form16 for rest?
    b. Since, I had worked in foreign locations, do I need to submit tax documents(similar to
    form16) for these countries like payg for Australia? I don’t have the tax document for

  5. Can we submit a combination of documents like (salary slips for all years) + (form 16 for
    few years and bank statement for missing ones)?

  6. I can see 2 types of document for work experience:
    a. Sample Work Experience Letter (for Australia PR Assessment) - Australia
    b. Australia Statutory Affidavit Sample - Co Worker Letter -
    . Now, I can’t get a work experience document from company HR on letterhead. I can maybe
    ask my Manager or colleague to sign one for me. In that case, I think document b. is the
    right format, correct? Will ACS accept document b. on company letterhead? If no, then
    what is the alternative? My company will also not give a document on letterhead stating the
    reason for not providing document a.

Thanks in advance!


You will need Australian PCC.