Is Client letter mandarory for H1b visa stamping in India

I have an approved H1 petition and will be working at the end client. There are no layers between my employer and client.

I have all the required documents (SOW, MSA, offer letter, original petition, LCA, I-129 etc,) as you mentioned in another topic which explains all the required docs for H1b stamping.

In DS160 under ‘Temporary Work Visa Information’, we have a section
Where Do You Intend to Work?

In that ‘Name of employer’ : given my H1 employer name
address : I am planning to give client location address as this same is mentioned in LCA as well.

Since I will be working at the client location, Does client letter is mandatory for H1b stamping in India?
As per my employer I will get client letter only after I joined the client.

Please give me your inputs.

Hi @kns

No document is mandatory until requested by visa officer.

In your case, it is strongly recommended to carry client letter as the chances of visa officer asking for it are very high.

Rest is your employer’s choice.

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