Is Consular Processing / AOS still possible for an old I-140 approved in 2004


My query is related to a old approved I-140 case. My employer had filed my GC in 2002, and my I-140 was approved in 2004. In 2009, my PD had become current, but I had to relocate to India that same year for long-term for family reasons, and I did not file for I-485, and nothing was done all these years. Now I’m in a position to travel back. I’m still working for the same employer. I’m currently in India and currently do not hold a valid US work permit.

I would like to know if I still have the opportunity to revive my immigration application basis the approved I-140 in 2004, and proceed with I-485 or Consular Processing and approx timelines for getting Immigration Visa. I checked my I-140 case status online ( and it still shows Approved Status.

Kindly advise me on options available to me. Thank you so much.

Regards, John

USCIS expects the beneficiary to file AOS within one year of your PD getting current. However you can file AOS at this point if your employer is still able to offer you the the original PERM job.
As you are not present in the US you will need to apply for consular processing.

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