Is H1B transfer revoked if i140 is withdrawn by old employer?

Hi - I got my i140 approved in July 2019. I left this organization in October 2019 (within 180 days of i140 approval). I have a approved H1B transfer and extension with a new employer till Aug 2022.
My question is what happens to my H1B with the new employer if my previous employer withdraws the i140 before 180 days of i140 approval?


Hi @Andy19

Anything can happen. USCIS may or may not revoke your approved H1B transfer if your i140 is withdrawn and transfer was approved using i140.

I am in a similar situation. I have not joined the new employer yet as I am still waiting on the H1-B transfer to be approved first. My situation is I am beyond 180 days for I-140 approval (more than a year in my case) -> is it possible that USCIS still cancel my H1-B visa with the new employer after my current employer file for an I-140 withdrawal?

Hi @mHVK21

You are safe as long as you have spent more than 180 days after i140 approval with current employer.

Don’t worry.