Is H4 COS required to be approved within h1B 60 day grace or Filing is sufficient to continue staying in USA?

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I have below questions on the 60 day layoff period.

  1. In this grace period , can someone convert her H1b to H4 based on the spouse H1b valid visa. Does it requires the H4 visa to be approved within 60 days or Filing the visa will be sufficient to continue staying in USA.

  2. If she gets a job after filing her H4 ( in pending state) but within 60 days / or After 60 days , can she convert to H1B again ( pending H4) . How this process will work if she wants to convert to H1b without going out of USA. What all things need to be considered.

Anil - Need Urgent help Please. thanks in advance.

Filing H4 COS should be enough to keep staying in USA.

You will add a new layer of complication if you file H1B application on top of pending H4 COS.

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Thanks Anil , Is there any extra documentation ( layoff letter , cover letter to explain situation etc.) needed for H1b to H4 COS apart from the regular documentation for the layoff case.

USCIS does not need a reason for you to file H4 COS. Its your choice.