Is H4 EAD required for getting POA from Indian Embassy?


I’m on H4 EAD and working for an Investments Company. I got my H4 approved till Feb,2023 but EAD is still pending for renewal. My EAD is going to expire in March 2021. I’m also planning to buy a home in India by giving POA to my mother. I would like to know the set of documents to be submitted. I know the following are required from your site:
1/ POA application
2/ I-94 copy
3/ H4 Renewal copy (I797 Latest)
4/ Passport Pages (First 5 and last 2 pages)
5/ US Driving License Copy
6/ Photographs -2

My Questions:
Along with above documents, am I required to attach my current H4 EAD copy as well in case my EAD has not been approved? If Yes, My current EAD is valid only till Mar 2021 and new H4 is valid till Feb 2023. Is it still OK to include my current H4 EAD copy?

Do I also have to attach my spouse H1B approval notice with this set?

When they say notarize the copies of documents attached, Can I self attest the photo copies and list out the copies in a separate document(like Affidavit in lieu of originals) and get that notarized?

Thanks in Advance for your advice.

H4 EAD is not required for Power of attorney attestation. You only need to prove your current legal status which is H4.

Spouse H1B is optional too. Your own H4 i797 and i94 are sufficient to prove your legal status.

Notarize means getting a notary from an authorized notary. Unless they say ‘Self attest’, your own signatures are not sufficient.

Thank you Anil…It helps.

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