Is H4 EAD valid even after I94 expiry

Hi, I am on H4 visa and last year I got extension till Dec 2021. Then I went to India and got H4 Visa stamped with same validity. When I came back I got my H4 EAD renewed with same validity of Dec 2021. But as my passport expiry during POE was Aug 2020 so I got I94 at POE for Aug 2020. I just applied for I539 to extend my I94 until Dec 2021. Now I am a bit confused if my H4 EAD is valid til Aug 2020 or Dec 2021. Can you please provide your feedback. Thanks Neha

H4 EAD stays valid as long as it is printed on it.

You can use it only if you have a valid legal status of H4. If you applied extension, then your status must be legal.

Thanks for this information Anil, I applied extension to extend my I94 as I got I94 until Aug 2020 due to Passport expiration of Aug 2020 when I entered US last year. As I applied extension already, I think I have legal H4 until I get a decision. So I should be able to use my EAD. What do you think? Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Anil, would you be able to confirm if it is legal for me to work as my H4 extension (to increase I94 validity) is pending but H4 EAD is still valid. Does this count as legal H4 status or not? Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks Neha

You are in legal H4 status if you filed H4 extension before i94 expiry. You can work with valid H4 EAD.