Is it a good idea for software developer with 16L P/A in India with big data skills to migrate on PR to Aus

Hi Anil/Team,

I submitted EOI with 75 points for job code 261313 will also reattempt English to get 10 more points with 85 and revise EOI by may end…

Meanwhile I am just wondering considering current fragile situation of jobs is it better to move to AUS this year or next year?

Is there any ban going to be announced or ongoing for immigration due to corona ?

Hi @priyankaAgawal987

The first step is to get Australia PR and then think about moving there.

At your current position in the PR process, you can expect to wait at-least about 15-18 months from now.

So, at this time, just file the EOI and then complete the PR process if you get an invite.

You will get 5 years to think about moving to Australia.

Yes I submitted EOI with 75 points ,will rewrite English exam and revise it to 85 points.

What does it mean I get 5 years to think about moving to Australia don’t I need to stay atleast 2 continuous years to get PR extension and 4 countinous years to get citizenship?

Which state is best if I want to apply 190 visa for below points
Age 30
English 10
Partner points:10
Total points:75
Jobcode :261313 software Engineer

There is no chance of invite with 75 invite as per current trend.

What if I increase English score by 10 and nomination points (5)
And it becomes 90(including nomination points) for 190
And 85 for 189

Any chances?

What about 85 points?

I suggest to play with points and see how ‘chance of invitation’ changes with each additional 5 points:

Are you angry?! I mean I am giving PTE again on 21st expecting 10 more points that’s why asked. For 85 points what’s the chance of invitation

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As per the current trends with 85 points for 189 the chances are close to zero, DHA has been inviting very few people for 189 which has pushed the cutoff to 95 points and created a huge backlog of 90 pointers.

Also immigration is currently focusing on nursing and other essential workers for 190 due to the Covid situation when it comes to offshore applicants,so chances are not great for that either

Why would i be angry?

We have created the app so that you can find your chance of invite with different points yourself.

App uses the same logic that i use to predict it and share here.

Since i cannot reply to each ‘chance of invite’ question for each case, i suggest to help yourself by using the app.