Is it all a waste ? 90 points for 2613

@Anil.Gupta - Appreciate your time and support.
Just filed my EOI with 90 points offshore for 2613. Is it all a wasted effort ?

With 2020-21 budget out and the chances of being invited looks very bleak. Help me understand if the number of invites will be affected or number of Grant ? As I understand there are people waiting for Grant since mid of 2019.


Yes, the chances are bleak for offshore people now. The number of allocations for 189/190 have been significantly reduced for this FY and it is more relevant to the people waiting for an invite.
The ones who have already lodged a visa last FY will get their grant sooner or later based on their case/application, these numbers do not affect them much. There are delays expected because of COVID on processing of visa applications anyway.