Is it better for employers attorney or me to contact embassy for H1B form 221g

Hi Anil.

I had my H1B visa stamping interview in March (this is for extension till 2022) and in 221g Administrative processing currently.

I am not working remote currently and will go back and join same job I was working while traveling out of US. I believe I am exempted from travel ban and can request for Visa stamping to be completed.

Is it better for employer’s attorney to contact US consulate or me to email them ?

Since employer’s attorney emailed them and received response as
" We note from the G-28 that you represent the petitioner. Due to restrictions in U.S. law, we are only able to provide case updates to applicants directly unless they have signed a Privacy Act Waiver".

Thank you.

Visa application at US embassy is an individual personal application as it is for filed by you and not your employer.

US embassy will only answer your questions for your form 221g unless you hire an attorney for yourself to follow up on your case.

That’s what the embassy has responded with to your Employer’s attorney.

You can enquire about your case yourself.