Is it better to apply for ICT state nomination in parallel with skill select for Victoria

I have my Acs assessment done for 261312 developer programmer and my EOI submitted on skill select wherein I have selected Victoria as my preference.

One of the agent told me that Victoria 190 , you need to submit nomination in Victoria’s government site in parallel with Skill select, otherwise Victoria wouldn’t send an invite.

However, in their website it is mentioned that ICT professional first need to get invite from skill select, later after an invite apply in Victoria’s site. Can you please confirm on this.

Yes, for ICT & Nursing professional, You first need to put an EOI in skillselect and wait for a pre-invite from VIC.

Once the Pre-invite is received, then only you file for nomination on VIC website with all supporting documents and then wait for a final invite.

Without receiving a pre-invite you cannot submit state nomination if your job code comes under ICT & Nursing. Whichever agent told you the opposite doesn’t have full knowledge of the system and should not be consulted.

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