Is it necessary to file 485 - EAD and and Advance Parole if not travelling and currently working on H4 EAD?

My PD is EB2 11/11/2010 and we are filing I-485 according to Oct- 2020 bulletin although our Final Action date is not current yet. My question is -
There are 6 applications to file including 485-EAD and Advanced Parole which costs almost 4K for 3 people in present. Is it okay if we do not file for EAD and AP since we won’t be travelling out of USA in near 2 years due to Covid and we are already working on H1/H4 EAD which is valid until 2023?
What are the chances that we will have our PD (EB2- Nov-11-2010) current in near future? Please suggest. Thank you so much in advance.

Its your choice to file i485 EAD and AP. You can skip them if you don’t have any need to use them.