Is it ok to create one more immi account for my PR application?

Hi Anil, I have already had one immi account. But when I was trying to apply for 189 VISA I can only see the Newzealand stream 189 visa but not Points table for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189). So, is it ok to create one more immi account for my PR application

Thanks in advance.

Have you already got the invite? I suggest to NOT create multiple immiaccount.

Yes, I already got invite but as I mentioned before I can’t see 189 (PTS) option. What should I do?

Please let me know.

That’s strange. If you are not able to see the option, then you can create a new account.

Hi Anil, I have lodged my 189 visa and I received bridging A visa with no travel restriction. But my current 485 visa is still active so it ok to travel my current visa? Will there be any negative effect in future? Please let me know.

Hi @shashi

What kind of negative effect have you heard of and from where?

Sorry, I have received bridging visa with no travel.

If I travel to India I will lose bridging A visa.

Can I come back with my current VISA (485) without applying bridging VISA?

You can come back with your 485 visa if its valid.