Is it possible to change company with approved I-140 before 180 days

I’m on H1 and my current visa expires in June 2022 (completes max out- 6 years).
I have I-140 approved on July 1st, 2021 with my current Employer.
Is there any way I can change company now with out waiting for 180 days period.
I know that the current employer will with draw I-140 if we switch before 180 days. But looking for possible options to switch.

If I change company now by using the current I-140 number, will I get 3 years of validity? So that I will have some time to file for new I140 in the new company ?

Note: I cannot wait for 180 days because my contract with the current company ends in another 2 months. So, wanted to check the possibility to switch company as early as possible .

For now you can use for transfer. If your current 140 revoked before 180 days. You can not use that for next renewal. And we are not sure about approval tenure.