Is it possible to get PR with 55 points

Hi Mr. Anil,
I am Nurse completed OET with B grade in all modules and trying to move to Australia.
Sadly I could score only 55 in points table.
But my agent is confidently telling me that I can get PR and asking me to do a bridging course in Australia.
Is there any other visa options to get PR even with low points?
What would you suggest me?
My job ANZSCO Code is 254424
Please reply ,

Hi @Thambi_Prakash

The minimum points to even be eligible for PR are 65.

You cannot get PR with 55 points.

Thank you very much.
Prakash .

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Do English language test gain 10 or 20 points depending what score you get

Thank you Becki
I could score only 10 in language test

Yes, the English test score will determine the amount of points that you can claim for Australia PR.

Mr. Anil
By Regional nomination I will gain 10 points.
After one year of regional experience I will get 5 points more.
So all together my score will be 70.
Wouldn’t that be enough for the PR.

If you can get regional nomination, then you can go ahead.

Hi Anil
Thanks for your valuable replies.
Is it hard to get regional nomination now a days?

Hi @Thambi_Prakash

It was always hard.

Agent will say everything and makes us feel everything is easy. But the process become harder nowadays. Even if you have 65 points it’s harder to get state nomination. Better increase the score and apply.
Moreover have you got the job in Australia. In which state? Again November points system will change. Please look all those creteria

Very true
thank you