Is new ACS evaluation required for new EOI?

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I had logged EOI on 21st March 2019 (ACS was completed in Feb 2019) with 75 points.My spouse was the primary applicant for that application.However as I will be crossing 7 years experience mark, I want to submit a new EOI where I will be the primary applicant. Do I need to do the ACS evaluation again as I am continuing in the same job(my location might change from UK to India)?

Ashirbad Brahma


You have not mentioned clearly but it seems that you both (you and your spouse) already have a positive ACS assessment.

If yes, then you can use your ACS assessment to create a new EOI as primary applicant.

Thanks Anil…However my work location might change after few months(I.e from UK to India)…Do I need to go for ACS re-assessment even though I already have a positive assessment from ACS.

If you are claiming points for the period when your work location changes, then you do need a new ACS assessment.

Thanks a lot Anil for your prompt response…:blush:

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