Is passport sent to India for police clearance certificate?

Hi Anil
I want to apply for PCC in person. My passport was issued in India. In that case, I have to submit my passport for verification and still it will go to India for clearance? How long that can take?


If you visit embassy in Person, your passport will be returned to you same day after verification.
Passport is NOT sent to India for verification. Only your passport details are sent.

Thanks for the quick response. And If I apply by mail, then I need to send my passport along with the application or just the photocopy will work?


You need to send ORIGINAL passport if you apply for mail.

Thanks Anil. Are they gonna send my passport and the PCC together or they will send my passport earlier after verifying?

They will send everything in one packet and ONLY once. You are paying only for one return shipping.

Thanks Anil. You are a great help