Is passport with atleast 5 year validity required to get PR for 5 years?

Good day Team,

My name is Rajesh and i am submitting document for ACS assessment. However my current passport is expiring in next four year. Do need to have passport with at least 5 year validity so i will get PR for 5 years?

Another question i have is that, Should there be my spouse name on my passport? is it mandatory? I do have marriage certificate but we both have before marriage names on our passport.

I would really appreciate feedback on this. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @raj.gupta

Is 5 year Passport validity required?

You will get 5 year PR irrespective of your passport expiry. But, PR is attached to your passport number.

Whenever you get a new passport, there is an online service where you can attach your new passport with your PR. It’s easy and no need to worry.

Spouse name on Passport

Spouse name on your passport is optional. No need to worry if you don’t have it.

Thank you Anil. Really appreciate your time and suggestion.