Is salary earned in Dubai on employment visa is taxable in India?

I got a job offer from a Dubai based company, where I will be travelling on employment pass and will be getting salary in their local account in AED. But my stay in this financial year in India will be more than 182 days as i will be travelling in October. Could you please confirm me that the salary earned in Dubai by rendering service there on employment visa is taxable in India.

If yes, will my full salary will be taxable in India or I will get deductions for HRA and transport allowances as it’s part of my salary.


Hi Nabin,
If you stay outside India for more than 182 days, you become NRI.
The tax status would become NRI too while filing ITR.

In any case, if you had income in India in current financial year, you would be required to file ITR for the income earned in India.