Is there a deadline to complete health examination after lodging Visa?

Hi Anil,

I got invited for visa 190 on 30 Jan 2020 and invitation expire on 30 March 2020, which is 3 days from now. I had finally submitted everything in Immiaccount yesterday for the visa and did the visa payment.

After that, my immiaccount said “action required:arrange health examination”, then being taken through around 10-11 question that i need to answer for my medical history, then it generated a referral letter with HAP ID for me to go through some test.

Now, the question is, is there a deadline to complete these health examination? my only worry is that it subject to the same timeline of my visa invitation and i dont think within 3 days i can get the result, this step (unique HAP ID & referral letter) only happen after i did my visa submission.

There is no deadline but the more you delay, the more time it will take your application to be processed.

CO will send a query to finish the health exam if you do not complete it.

Once CO contacts, you can expect an easy delay of about 50-70 days.