Is there any reliable source on getting EB2/EB3 pending inventories?

This source pending-employment-based-i-485-inventory is providing no data for India after 2010 April for EB2 and 2009 April for Eb3.

Hi @gvinay

There is no pending inventory because the visa bulletin dates have never been current after 2010 for India.

If dates have never been current, then how can someone file i485?

Well, crsreports provided published information in 2018 regarding how many pending EB applications for different countries. So I was wondering there will be some reports like that somewhere in online.

Hi @gvinay

I am not sure what you are looking for.

You are talking about pending Indian i485 data or what?

I am looking for how many people are waiting before my priority date with approved and valid active I140 on EB2 category and EB3 category.

Hi @gvinay

As far as i know, i140 data is not shared by USCIS publicly.

Thank you.

You said you will come up with some estimation on what would be the new priority date if HR1044 is getting approved.

Without pending valid I140 applications, how would it be possible for you to estimate what would be the current priority date.

I am very curious, also I am waiting for really long time for your report on HR1044, any early publishing would be much appreciated.

Hi @gvinay

Since USCIS does not share the official i140 data, it is taking me time to collect various other types of data to find a possible number of i140 that have been filed.

I am actively working on the numbers and will share soon. Stay tuned.