Is there any way USCIS can wave of my H4 Biometric during Covid 19?

I applied for H4 Visa & EAD on March 29th 2020 and got receipt for both H4, H4 EAD, I haven’t got Bometrics appointment letter ( Biometric center is closed because of Covid19). H4 EAD is expiring on July 12. Also I haven’t given previously any bio-metrics in ASC office.

My case is still pending with USCIS.
It is just 8 months only I have joined this company So is it possible for me to take Leave of absence or unpaid leave until my visa gets extended ? Is there any means that I can retain my job ?

Any idea when ASC office will resume ? This seems to be very very uncertain as we dont have any information regarding ASC opening also .

Is there any means they will wave of the Biometric options ?


Hi @Rajini

Unfortunately, lot of people are in same boat but USCIS has not announced any benefit or exception whatsoever.

There is no waiving off of biometrics at this time. You have to wait.

You may have to lose your job. Some employers send you on ‘unpaid leave’ and others terminate and then make you rejoin once you have got the H4 EAD card. It depends on employer’s policies.

Thanks Anil!


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