Is there increase in partner skill points to 10 from Nov 2019?

Dear Anil sir,

Is there increase in partner skill points to 10 from Nov 19?
If yes, what is the criteria?

Hi @vispuyo

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The new point system in November will give 10 points for working and skilled spouse.

Apologize sir.
Thanks for the reply.

Hello Sir,

I have done skill assessment with engineers Australia. Only qualification is assessed. Result is positive !
I have done BE mechanical and has 5.8 years of work experience in IT and currently working.
Currently I am contributing 5 points to my wife application.

You mentioned that only skilled partner who are working will contribute 10 points.

Considering the fact that, I have only assessed qualification and no occupation…will I contribute 10 points , if new rule changes implemented in Nov 19?

Or do I have to assessed occupation as well?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Hi @vispuyo

Why have you not got your occupation assessed?


I did skill assessment in April 2018, at that time only qualification assement was sufficient to get 5 points and we only submitted qualification related docs (mark sheet and all)…as suggested by agent.!!

Please refer above report.
Please let me know if it will help me to contribute 10 points after rule change.
Currently for 261312 we have only 70 points.
So my further chance depends on changes in rule which will add 5 more points.

Hi @vispuyo

Once the points system changes in November, it will change for all.

This means that you will be probably be at par with all other candidates who are at 70 now with same points.

Infact, with new system, the single applicants will automatically get 10 extra points.

So, my suggestion is to increase points in English, if you don’t have the highest points already.

I have to check the criteria for claiming spouse points in November for your specific situation. You can check with your agent too.

Hi @Anil.Gupta ,

  1. Do you think with the increase in points form November onwards the cutoff is also bound to increase?

  2. Why has this new point system information not been published on the immiaffairs official website yet?
    Or if it has, can you please post the link?

Thank you.

Hi @Saby_H

Here is my analysis:

Hi @Anil.Gupta do you provide paid guidance/consultation? If yes, where can I reach you directly ?

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