Is University orientation allowed as emergency situation for expedited visa interview appointment?

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My brother got admission in US for higher studies. Mandatory orientation date is given as Jan 9. We r in process of filing the ds160 and other fee filling.

Earliest date for appointment is jan9 in Chennai consulate. I heard about expideted appointment and higher studies is eligible for that. Has any one done it ? Is there anything we need to be cautious of taking it ?

In my opinion you should send an email to the university’s international office stating the situation.

They are usually very helpful when it comes to VISA related queries. They might even allow you to skip the orientation.

Thanks. I was planning to do that. Thought of checking this option.

Also on the i20 form they have given a mandate entry in US within jan16 using the i20.

Should go for expedited or no?

The i20 form is generated by the university. Talk to the university about this too. Do mention about the i20. That’s the most important document apart from your VISA.

I was in the same situation. F1 visa is eligible for expedite request. First book the interview date for Jan 9 and then call the embassy.

They will request you to send the i20 and other related document. Once they review and approve it, they will open just one slot for you.

They did the same thing for me. But it was in 2015.

Usually most universities have two orientations. One for international students and one at the college level or department level.

You might want to reach out to the department as well. They will block enrollment or hold the enrollment until the student attends the orientation at the department level.

Thanks wil explore the options and keep you posted :raised_hands: