Is Work Experience on 400 Visa counted, Salary Paid in India, Allowance in Australia

Hi All,
I have completed total 1 year in Australia. Following are details of experience
3 Months - with 400 temporary work VISA
9 Months - with 482 work VISA

Will “Department of Home Affairs” consider 3 month experience under 400 VISA? For 3 months I got only allowances in Australia and paid in India.
What documents i need to produce for these 3 months?


Hi @Dundappa_Hulkund

You should be able to count the 400 visa work experience as per my information. You have to physically work in Australia and get it in writing from employer that you worked in Australia for this time period.

You will also need to produce salary receipts as these will be assessed by assessment agency to gauge what tenure you have worked in Australia.

Thanks Anil for your reply.