Issue in H1 B stamping due to missing middle in passport?

Hi Anil,
My wife name has been added in my passport with middle name(as her father name)

But actually in her passport middle name is not there.

Will there be any issues during h1B stamping due to this? Please advise.

Usually, the middle name is not questioned.

But, out of curiosity, why have you added a different name in your passport than her real passport?

Oh ok. Usually in our region middle name will be added for all the documents. In hurry, by mistake while renewing my passport I included my wife name.

But later I came to know that my wife Name doesn’t have middle name in her documents.

By mistakenly it was added. There was no other reason. Will get it corrected while renewing next time.

Otherwise while filling DS 160 can I add alias name ?

Yes, you should write it as alias name.

Ok thanks Anil for the swift response.