Issue with passport renewal

HI Friends,
Can anyone help me on Indian passport renewal in USA. I am facing issue while adding courier address. After adding my address i am able to validate it but when i click submit it just throws ERROR. I emailed to vfs support and called them on their paid customer support but no luck . I am fed up following them.
IF anyone of you can help me i will be thankful to you


Try doing it without any special characters. Just use letters, numbers and spaces.

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I had the same issue,

Here is what I did:

Select User selected courier service
Select UPS.

Generate UPS labels using the mailing address for your respective VFS center:

Add in coming and outgoing courier numbers and submit. Then it will take you to payment screen.

Don’t use any special characters on the address. It will work.

I did. It worked for me. Thanks for help.