Job change after I140 approval


I’m in the 5th year of H1B. My employer filed for an EB2 I140 in 2017 and I got a priority date of sometime in January 2018. My company isn’t willing to share the I140 details (I do have the petition approval[?] number). I don’t have any hope of my priority date becoming current in the near future, however, I would still like to retain it.

If I were to change jobs now and my new employer files for a new I140, how can I be reasonably certain that USCIS will allow porting of my priority date? Is this a chance I just have to take? How common is it for USCIS to reject porting in these cases? The job I will be switching to will be very similar to what I currently do. But since I don’t know the role my current employer filed for, how can I be reasonably sure that USCIS will permit porting of the priority date?

USCIS allows date porting unless they sense some fraud.