Job change- Eb2

HI I have approved I140 from employer A, during the perm process they used my masters degree as qualification and applied the perm in Eb2 category. Now I am planning to switch the job to employer B, can my employer B apply for perm with qualification as bachelors (without using masters) , since i have enough experience now? The job description says minimum bachelors degree + 5 years .
The reason i am asking this is because, my masters college is not a esteemed college and wanted to avoid that in GC process. Please let me know.

If USCIS approved your I140 in past with the masters degree what makes you think they will have issue with your degree this time.

It will be a bad idea to lie to USCIS about your highest level of education as they would have your information from your past I140.

Talk to your immigration lawyer.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi i have been in USA for around 5 year 9 month on H1B and then i moved back to India.
I have Approved i140 of my current company A . If i chagne my company an join company B.

Would i able to do Visa transfer to Company B using i140 of company A from India ?

Or Company B have to first do new Perm and i140 from India then visa extension ?

Also As i am in India, Is there any time limit during that i have to go to USA using i140 ?

Thank you

With approved I-140 you qualify for AC21 H1B extension beyond 6 years term. So yes, you should be able to use I-140 from company A to extend & transfer your H1B to company B.

Once you start working on H1B, company B can start your green card process (PERM → I-140) and port your PD from existing I-140 to the new.

No time limit.

Thanks Kalpesh for your valuable info.
One last query - As I mentioned i am in India. Can my company B can do my Visa transfer using company A I-140 while i am in India.

Yes. Technically it is not a change of employer aka transfer petition but a new cap-exempt H1B based on approved I-140.

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