Job change with approved i-140 and potentially priority date coming up

Hello All

I am looking to make a decision to change employers( currently on H1B). My current employer had filed for GC on EB2 and my priority date is end of 2011. The new role is similar to what I am doing currently but is across the country from where I am. My current and prospective employer are fairly large companies. My questions:

  1. With the current covid situation, in case if the priority/filing dates move forward a little faster( based on discussion on this forum - let’s say by end of this year), will I have trouble to get the new labor done and get back in the queue in time for filing dates, while retaining the 2011 priority date - assuming a worst case scenario.
  2. since the position is also available outside the country, if I make that move, will I abandon my current GC queue? From what I understand I may be eligible for EB1 upon return as this role is in a manager capacity and may have this option.

You can check the current time to reach i140 stage if you restart from PERM:

At this time with i140 premium processing suspended, it is risky if priority dates move faster.

I140 approval stays valid even if you move out of country.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta for your response.

Is there any possibility that I don’t have to restart from PERM? Can a Eb2 to Eb1 conversion use the existing priority date?

New employer will need their own PERM and i140 to file your green card (i485).
Existing priority date can be ported though.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta for the quick response.