Join Emp B who's H1B transfer approval is still valid - in 60 day grace period?

Hello, With company (A), my current visa is due for extension for 2 more yrs on 23 Jul 2020.

Got laid-off on May 15. The 60 days grace period perhaps decides my last day and not visa validity, if Im not wrong.

My question is I have an approved visa (transferred from A) with another company (B) from 2018 which is valid till Feb 2021.

However, the project did NOT materialize for that company (B) and never called and I never joined.

If by miracle in this current market, happen to get a job with B for the same position, can I join with previous approved visa transfer ?

If some other location for some other project from what has been approved for B, an amendment would suffice or in these 2 cases entirely new transfer petition to be filed by B.

Really could not find such scenario in the internet. Even If I join B that should happen before my 60 days grace period correct. B still have it and not withdrawn or revoked.

You should be able to join company B if they have not withdrawn their H1B approval yet.

Check how much time you have here: