Keeping i485 EAD vs keeping H4-EAD


Our i485 is pending and we have interfiled our medicals.
My husband and I both received our EADs.

My husband wants to renew his H1b instead of staying the EAD.
I want to know if he goes back on H1b, what will happen to my status? Will I have to go back to H4 and get my H4 + H4-EAD renewed or can I stay on the EAD?

Thank you.

‘Pending i-485’ allows one to stay in the US legally and keep using the i485 EAD for work.

You have your own ‘pending i485’ and hence you are not required to file H4 unless you want to.

Your husband can use H1B and you can use your i485 status and EAD.

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I’m in same situation. Dont use I485 EAD. tell your husband to continue on h1b and you continue on H4EAD.

Advantage is in case something happens to your I485 in the process, you can still continue working here. also if your case is downgrade. then you can maintain priority in both EB category.

This is the advice I got from my attorney.