L1 to H1 COS H4/H4-EAD processing time

Hi Anil, My company is planning to file for L1 to H1 COS (earlier it was H1 approved for consular) concurrently with H4 and H4 EAD for my spouse. Given the current coronavirus situation, suspension of PP and closure of biometric for H4 - How long do you think H1, H4 and H4 EAD approvals would take via regular processing? Since everything is via regular processing is there a chance that they might be approved close together? How would the biometric closure affect this?

Forgot to mention, I have approved I-140.

Some H1B cases have been reported to be approved within a month.

You may get lucky too.

H4 and H4 EAD would certainly be delayed as biometric cannot be done until COVID-19 closures end.

Thank you Anil. I am in a dilemma as my wife is on L2 EAD/working and my COS expires in Dec’20. L1/L2-EAD are valid till late next year. I am worried if there will be lot of gap between H1 and H4/H4-EAD approvals that might put my wife out of job. Would it be better to start COS process at a later point in time this year (but before Dec’20) atleast till biometric reopens - then there would be some hope that both H1/H4 would be approved close together in regular processing? Please give your thoughts.

Offcourse, if you are concerned about job gap, then you should wait to file the COS until you can plan a forseable future.

I am currently on H1 (I140 approved, 6years + ) . My spouse is on L1 and has just applied for extension. Considering that the approval rate for L1 is comparatively low, would it make sense to apply COS from L1 to H4 for my spouse ?
Would she have to leave the country if L1 extension is denied and is awaiting L1 to H4 COS + EAD? At what point would she have to stop working ?
Would it be better for her to leave the country (without waiting for the L1 approval) and apply for H4 from India, and then apply for EAD once shes here ?

Apologies if the above is confusing .