L1A approved, L2 still pending, question on L2 EAD

Hi Anil,

My husband’s L1A is approved but my L2 is still pending. L2 EAD I have already submitted. When i get a RFE on L2 EAD, I can send spouse’s L1A approval and my L2 Receipt, correct? (Read in one of your another post).

My question is, would they process my EAD card(meant if i can get actual card) with these documents?

or will they again wait for pending L2 approval? Please let me know.
Thanks for your reply in advance.

L2 approval is required to approve L2 EAD.

You can send documents along with RFE. That’s fine.

Thanks for your response, Anil.

Hi Anil,
I am also in the same boat. My husband’s visa was approved but my L2 is still in pending status. I have not submitted biometrics yet.
It is only 25 days of filing can ask for expedite request ? Please advice as my EAD too is in pending Status.

Thank you,

You can request expedited approval only for EAD and not biometrics.

L2 cannot be approved unless Biometric is completed first.

EAD cannot be approved if L2 is approved.

Its a vicious circle.

Thank you Anil for the response.