L1A Visa interview questions - U.S. Embassy New Delhi-Approved

I appeared for my L1A Individual visa interview recently at U.S. Embassy New Delhi, and got it approved.

For the benefit of others who are waiting for their interviews and looking for prior experience/question(s) asked I am providing below quick summary of discussion:

VO: Good morning.
Me: Good Morning officer.

VO: can you give me you I-797 and passport please ?
Me: Sure.

VO: You work for < Company Name> ?
ME: Yes.

VO: Can you explain me your current responsibilities ?
Me: explained.

VO: wow, I couldn’t make anything out of that, (We both had smile on our faces), Can you explain it in layman terms.
Me: Provided simplified high level overview

VO: Your company had filed blanked visa earlier in 2019 which was refused, and company went ahead with Individual visa ?
ME: Yes, indeed.

VO: can you place your left hand on the scanner and press it gently.
ME: sure

VO: Congratulations your visa is approved. You should receive your visa in next 5-7 working days.
ME: Thanks officer, have a great day ahead.

Based on my experiences (Blanket and Individual both petitions), I can comfortably say that you should not stress yourself out for things which are not in your control, keep yourself calm and composed, don’t let yourself distracted with the environment inside embassy/consulate ( e.g. overhearing other’s discussion etc.), maintain positive outlook, remember its just a discussion and outcome is never in your control so its not worth losing your sleep over it.

Good luck.