L1B Maxout and H1B Application with I140 in progress

Am currently in India (returned Oct 2020) and wanted to apply for new H1B for FY 2022 Cap.

Summarizing my information below :
L1B Initial Stamping : May 2015 (India)
Last Renewal : Jan 2018 in Canada (L1b Blanket)
L1B Visa Maxout 6th October 2020
Departed US to India : 2nd October 2020
PERM certified
I140 (In Progress) - Receipt Date June 29, 2020
I140 Category – EB2

I had the following questions:

  1. Am i eligible to apply for H1B in FY2022 Cap - i.e. application in Apr 2021 since H1B allows 6 years or is a 1 year cooldown mandatory irrespective of the Visa being applied for.
  2. If I can apply for H1B this year - what will be the validity date for the Visa and is an extension possible beyond that based on I140 (which is in progress right now)
  3. Is it possible to apply for this years H1B with another employer and in that case what will be the validity and is it possible to extend based on current I140 (assuming it is approved by then)

Please guide me with the above

With approved i140, you should be able to skip the 1 year cool off period and apply H1B in FY 2022 season lottery (Apr 2021).

H1B extensions/transfers are easy with approved i140 too.