L1B to H1B conversion that too independently

I am currently on L1B working for ABC company. Independently I want to file for H1B.

  1. Will it be through Lottery or COS.
  2. If it’s through lottery and selected then when will my current L1B become invalid
  3. If it’s through COS then when will my current L1B invalid.
  4. Can you refer job consultancies / placement agencies who can sponsor for H1B or COS

You will have to go through lottery for first time H1B.

Change of status (COS) filing depends on your physical location.

H1B can only be filed by a US based employer.

Thank you Anil for the quick response. I am currently in US.
Can other XYZ company apply for COS from L1B to H1B. What would be the implications on my current job which is on L1B with ABC company.
Would L1B be invalid if i am selected in lottery for H1B OR when i get approval in October to work on H1B.