L1B Visa to H1B Visa Conversion using "Change of status"

Hi Anil,

Currently, I am holding L1B Visa and my dependents are in L2 Visa. I am in US right-now. I have I94 Validity up-to Next year July 2021. My Visa stamping validity up-to Jan 2021. Shall i go ahead convert my L1B Visa to H1B Visa using “Change of status” method. If yes, Tell me the procedure to proceed.


following since I have a similar case

You can convert to H1B only if you ever had H1B before or you have been selected as part of H1B lottery this year.

If you have never filed H1B before, then you can only apply a new H1B in April 2021 now (new season).

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your reply. Rightnow, I am holding an L1B Visa and living in the USA. I never got H1B VISA. Can i convert L1B to H1B visa using “change of status”. I mean without a lottery process or lottery process is mandatory for conversion of L1B to H1B. Please clarify.

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you have to go through the lottery process , else a COS is not possible