L2 EAD : Vermont Center : August 2019 filers

I am starting this thread to check if we have any L2 EAD august 2019 filers here and if anyone has received approval , it has been more than 150 days and my application is not moving at all .

I have noticed the h4 EAD’s moving faster as I know some one who applied on the same date as mine and had them approved a month ago , I just want to check if any one noticed this delay with L2 EAD renewals , please share your experience.

p.s: I have tried expediting but they were rejected.

My husband’s date is August 1st, and we’re still waiting.

dont know why L2 EADs are taking longer than H4 EADs - please update here once your case is approved.

case approved today, or card printing. Good luck to you, I am glad the wait is over.

excellent news , good luck