L2 i-94 extension on the basis of L1A i-797A approval notice

Hi @anil_am22

Could you pls suggest on below-

L2 I-94 about to expire. L1B extension approved.

  1. Can L2 I-94 be extended on the basis of L1B i-797A approval notice?
  2. If yes, please suggest the process.
    Thanks in advance.

Didn’t you file L2 extension using form i539?

Yes, we have filed L2 extension along with L1 extension but it is taking lot of time. We filed in October 2021 and L1 extension was approved in November 2021(premium processing) but still waiting for L2 approval. Since, as per new USCIS guidelines L2 holder can work if he/she has I-94 with new annotation i.e. L2S so we are seeking to get I-94 updated with new annotation and date as per L1 approved petition.
We have valid L2 visa/I-94 till 5th March after which my spouse will not be eligible to work in the US.