L2 visa approved, EAD still pending

Hi Anil,
My L2 visa extension got finally approved today at TSC. But, my EAD is still pending at VSC. Any idea when would my EAD be approved? I tried to raise SR, but couldn’t. Yesterday, it showed they were processing August cases, but today that date moved back to March, so they are considering my case to be under normal processing time. What should I do? How would they know that my L2 application has been approved?
Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it!

Congratulations for l2 approval,when was the case requested date ? As I’m still waiting and my request date was June 26th 2020

Thanks. My RD date for L2 was January, 2020. My EAD RD date is June 6, 2020.

When did the L1 got approved?

L1 got approved in May, 2020.

Did you receive any rfe in L2 and when was the biometric,for the dates for l2 had passed since long …did you raise any Sr request for L2

They have all your L2 information in their system. Once the officer picks up your EAD application, he will be able to see your L2 approval.

Thanks Anil. The problem is earlier the USCIS had processing date for L2 EAD of August 2020, but it has now moved back to March 2020, so I am unable to raise SR. What can I do?
Thanks for all support.