Law suit notice from previous employer to end employment with end client

Hi Anil,

I got a legal notice(Cease & Desist notice) from my previous employer asking me to cease my current job.

Below is the story line by line.

I was employed by company “A” on my CPT(Jan 2019 April 2019) employment and signed an employment contract which state I will not suppose to employed by any of the vendor or end clients for 2 years after end of employment.

After getting my OPT approval fortunately I got the job(in November 2019) from one of the middle line employers/vendors for the same end client.

And now I received an email from company "A’ lawyer to cease my current job.

am I obligating anything here? Kindly advise Lawyer are bit aggressive in his notice.


Hi @rohan

If you had signed the agreement, then you should follow it.

You can talk to the employer or their lawyer to settle it out of court by paying the money that they are asking. You can also negotiate it.

Thanks for that info Añil. Is there any chance I can get help from current employer to settle it down.

How can I tell if your employer will help you or not?

Normally, you discuss these things before joining as that’s the time they might help you.

You have to talk it through.