LCA Amendment(Wage level change) for New Work Location

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi @anil_am22

I am on H1b, i work from home in City X and my LCA is applied in Wage level 4 for city X. Now i want to move to City Y and looking for LCA amendment. My existing salary in City X(level 4) will fall under level 2 in City Y.

Is it OK to apply LCA amendment with Wage level 2 for City Y since this seems like downgrading wage level from 4(CityX) to 2(City Y)??

Is it possible for each work location to have different LCA and wage level for same job position??

Note: Employer will not be increasing my salary to get Wage level 4 in City Y.

This depends on the job description and skills required for e.g. fully competent (Level IV) worker that warrants a prevailing wage determination at a higher wage level.

Issue I think is justifying the wage level as it will be a downgrade at new location because the employer is not willing to offer per the PWD for level 4 which is the basis of existing job.
Filing LCA with lower wage level and same SOC/duties can trigger RFE with USCIS because the job skills/experience requirements will now be dropped to justify lower level wages.

You should discuss this with your employer’s immigration lawyer and get their advice if it will be risky relocating.