LCA - Moving to new location

My i94 date validity ends on August 1st week 2021(H1B). My company has filed an extension and a new LCA for a different location. I am finding difficult to get an apartment in new location for where the new LCA is filed and has managed to get an apartment for rent only from last week of August.

I am told I should move to new location from August 1st week. The earliest apartment that I can find for lease is for last week of August.
Can I stay in my existing location for two more weeks before my apartment is ready?

(I have found an apartment that is available for sublease from August 10th but I can only move in there by last week of August. Technically I will have a leased apartment in my name if required to show my new location address as proof)

Please help me with this information requested.

This should be no issue as it may take some time to move.

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Although, the H1B rule says to start working at new location as soon as the extension/amendment is approved, you can take some time to move.

There is no official word on it but i guess there won’t be any major problem since you made good faith effort to move.