Leave US 13 days before H1B Max out and return after i140 approval to file extension?

Hi Anil,

My H1B max out date is 12th June 2019 but I got i-797 approval up to September 28th 2019 and even got stamped visa up to same. My Perm processing is in progress and expecting the result by May end.

I am planning to leave US by May 31st 2019 so that I still left with 13 days for max out. So my question is that once my i-140 gets approved by June/July end,is there any problem if I travel back to US before September 28 and file h1b extension in few days (within 13 days).

You can return to US using your valid H1B stamp and then immediately file H1B 7th year extension using approved i140.