Lift mechanic Chance of invite

Could you please advise on chance of invite for a lift mechanic with 75 points for 189 PR visa. Skills assessment has just been submitted.
Many thanks

Hi @Kellie

What is your occupation ANZSCo code?

Hi Anil

Sorry, the code is 341113. Thanks

You have good chance of invite with 75 points.

Thank you Anil. Do you know a rough idea of how long we would be waiting for an invite after EOI is submitted. Thanks.

Hi @Kellie

I do not know the time to wait. it changes every month.

Ah ok, thank you for your help.

Hi Anil,

Could you please tell me if this information is still correct as I’m hearing that you need 90+ points now to get a 189 invite?


Hi @Kellie

As per current trend, the invites are being sent for 90+ points. I think the points requirement should come down to 85 in about 2-3 months.